NIBBANA Spa is a concept of #homecarespa, delivering the best quality of massage and wellness to people in Switzerland, at the comfort of your home, or on-site at LiLi Centre, where is “your home away from home”.

NIBBANA is ran by Barbara Santos, a massage therapist and Reiki Master with over 10 years’ experience. She attended training in different techniques in Brazil, Thailand and India and worked as masseuse in Australia, Brazil and Thailand. Since 2020 in Switzerland, she is continuing to promote well-being and quality of life to people. Her vast experience allows her to work with a different range of bodywork / massages and energy healing that goes in accordance to the needs of the person.

NIBBANA was officially launched in June 2013 in Brazil and it was a spa located in Curitiba, southern Brazil. After Barbara received invitations to teach Thai traditional therapies across the country, it became a well-known and respected school of Thai traditional massage in Brazil. Since in Switzerland, Barbara brought NIBBANA’s concept and idea to the Swiss community, where have been then providing the same quality of service to people.

Meaning of the word “Nibbana

Nibbana originates from the Pali, an extinct language spoken in India 2,500 years ago. It is said to be the language that Buddha used to communicate with his Sangha (group of followers). Nibbana has the same meaning as the Sanskrit word “Nirvana”,  which means Enlightenment, the extinction of suffering. It is the stage of mind that made Siddartha Gautama to become the Buddha – the Enlightened one.

The word Nibbana represents what Barbara intends through her work, the cessation of people’s suffering, on the mental and physical levels. Combining Reiki, that works on the energy level, with her bodywork techniques, she aims to help people to achieve a better quality of life.

Meaning of the logo

In relation to the meaning of the word Nibbana, Barbara carefully choose the logo to represent her work. The tree is known as the Bodhi Tree, the tree where Siddharta Gautama sat down and achieved Enlightenment – Nibbana. The Bodhi Tree is known as the tree of wisdom, respected as a channel to obtain spiritual enlightenment.

Barbara Santos

Barbara is a lifelong learner. For her, learning is the key to find her truth. No matter what, she loves to learn different things, working in different environments and connect with different people.

She is a massage therapist for over 10 years, her career began in 2011 in Australia, where she had the opportunity to transform her hobby in her job. She learnt massage informally into her early childhood, around the age of 5, with her nanny. Who besides taking care of her and her siblings, was a masseuse. Massage became Barbara’s hobby, to which she enjoyed very much to promote comfort and quality of time for her parents, family and friends. But she never thought about working as a masseuse.

Around the age of 21, when Barbara was a tax analyst, she was diagnosed with Ulcer, caused by high stress in her work. After being medicated, the doctor suggested to her to find more time for herself, and to do things that she loves, that would bring balance to her stressful life. So, looking for a quality of time and fun, she enrolled in a massage school to learn what for her, was a hobby.

At the age of 22, when she moved to Australia to learn English and to get ready to work as a tax consultant in an international company where she was pursuing a job, she found herself in a situation that pushed her to work as a masseuse. Enable to speak English at the beginning and work in her area (business/taxation), she decided to work as a massage therapist, putting in practice the knowledge she acquired in Brazil and her experience of delivering massage as a hobby.

From day one, working as a massage therapist in Australia, she found her true-self and since then have been studying and dedicating her time and life to look after people, who same as her in the past, struggle with the issues that the busy and stressful working life sometimes can cause.

Her interests on massage and healing practice led her to attain training in different kinds of techniques. From 2012-2013 she spent 9 months in Asia, between Thailand and India, searching for knowledge, from where she became a recognized Thai massage teacher, Ayurveda practitioner and Yoga instructor.

In 2015, searching for philosophical wisdom, she decide to pursue a Master degree in Philosophy & Religion in Bangkok, Thailand, to understand more the Asian thought from where the majority of traditional medicines come from and to get close to Thai massage and Thai traditional medicine. She lived in Thailand for 6 years, and ended up as a lecturer at Srinakarinwirot University, teaching Thai students subjects related to Culture and Philosophy.

Living in Thailand, she kept returning to Brazil once a year to deliver training on Thai massage, and delivering the authentic Thai knowledge to the Brazilian community. NIBBANA® became then, a well-known and respected Thai massage school in Brazil.

After living in Thailand, and having shared philosophical classes with monks, priests, Sikhs and philosophers, she connect herself with Buddhist Thought, from which she gained enough knowledge to share speeches and class about meditation and life-style.

Since June 2020 in Switzerland, Barbara is providing the best quality of massage and Reiki sessions to the Swiss community, mainly as homecare, to where she encourage people to have a better quality of life.

If you would like to experience the touch and sense of Barbara’s bodywork therapy, reach her out by WhatsApp or email.

“Massage is not just a bodywork, it goes far beyond that. It elevates the mind and relaxes the body in more subtle dimensions. We work on the physical sphere, but we reach deeper layers, that allows the person to break free and find him(her)self as a being. All we do is to connect the mind and body, providing the necessary balance for one’s life.”

Bárbara Santos

Professional Qualification

Year CourseSchoolCity, Country
2018 Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapy WatPo Massage SchoolBangkok, Thailand
2018Infant and Child Massage CourseWatPo Massage SchoolBangkok, Thailand
2017 M.A. Philosophy & ReligionAssumption UniversityBangkok, Thailand
2016Reiki Master: Usui Shiki RyokoReiki Master Margarida VelhinhoCuritiba, Brazil
2015Thai Traditional MassageWatPo Massage SchoolBangkok, Thailand
2014Reiki Level III-A: Usui Shiki RyokoReiki Master Margarida VelhinhoCuritiba, Brazil
2014Reincarnation’s Psychotherapy and Therapeutic RegressionABPRCuritiba, Brazil
2013Yoga Teacher TrainingAyur Yoga SchoolRishikesh, India
2013Advanced Ayurvedic Therapy Ayuskama Ayurveda InstituteRishikesh, India
2013Saint Germain Florals module I e IINeide Margonari, Saint GermainVitória, Brazil
2013PhotoncromaromatherapyIBRACuritiba, Brazil
2013Lymphatic Drainage for PregnantSociedade Educacional CuritibaCuritiba, Brazil
2012Thai Massage Teacher Training, Advanced LevelITM SchoolChiang Mai, Thailand
2012Thai Pregnancy MassageITM SchoolChiang Mai, Thailand
2012Thai Traditional Massage, advanced levelITM SchoolChiang Mai, Thailand
2012Thai Massage on the tableITM SchoolChiang Mai, Thailand
2012Hot Stones Therapy
The School of Massage for HealthChiang Mai, Thailand
2012Deep Tissue & Sport MassageITM SchoolChiang Mai, Thailand
2012Thai Herbal Hot Compress MassageITM SchoolChiang Mai, Thailand
2012Thai Foot ReflexologyITM SchoolChiang Mai, Thailand
2012Human Anatomy Observation CourseChiang Mai University,
Faculty of Medicine
Chiang Mai, Thailand
2012Reiki Level I & II: Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Jennifer LeeChiang Mai, Thailand
2011Massage Therapy CourseInstituto de Ensino
Curitiba, Brazil


YouTube Channel: A serie of Thai massage sequence

Academic Article in the Journal of the Public Ministry of Health – Thailand [ENG]: The meaning and contribution of the Wai Khru for the preservation of Thai traditional medicine of modern times.

Rosicrucian Order AMORC Brazil [PT]: Thai Traditional Massage

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Group Trip to Thailand: A Cultural trip combined with Thai Massage learning

:: Lecture: History and Philosophy of Traditional Thai Medicine

:: Thai Massage Training Course

:: Practical Course: Thai Foot Reflexology

:: Thai Massage for Babies and Children – Training Course

:: Capacitation in Reiki

:: Workshop – Thai Traditional Massage

:: Lecture: Thai Massage and Body Touch as forms of Therapy – Socio-Educational Hospitalization Unit in Cariacica/ES, Brazil

:: Lecture: Massage and Body Therapies: benefits that go beyond the physical body – Rosicrucian Order AMORC, Curitiba/PR, Brazil

Interview with Barbara Santos about Thai Massage
Thai Massage demonstration by Barbara Santos


Since 2013 in Brazil, and now in Luzern, Switzerland.


Mon-Fri: 9.00 am – 9.00 pm
Sat: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Based in

Luzern, Switzerland


(+41) 76 201 25 33

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