For Companies

Are you an enterprise looking for healthy alternatives to provide well-being and quality of time to employees that could also contribute to their production?

To attend the demand of businesses, we provide several services according to the work environment.

Check it out some of our services available, or get in contact to find out what else can be accommodated to your specific fieldwork.


A 15 minutes Vipassana meditation guided by Bárbara Santos, provided at the installations of the company to a group of people. The meditation will allow workers to experience the benefits of having a peaceful mind, to improve their quality of life and thoughts, which consequently impacts positively to the productivity and concentration during the work.


Quick massage stands for a short period of massage provided on a special chair that can be placed in a reserved and peaceful room at  the installations of the company. Attending singularly to each employee with a 10-15 minutes massage, it will provide a moment of relaxation, improving the blood circulation, and preventing against office diseases.


A 25 minutes serie of exercises and stretches based on Yoga poses that improves body posture and the quality of working life. Providing a Office Yoga to employees motivates them to keep practicing the exercises by themselves, allowing a better experience in the office/working environment.


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