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Barbara Santos works with different techniques, and her work varies according to each person, which through a brief interview she realizes which of the techniques to use to better meet the needs of the person on the present day. She has been a holistic therapist for over 11 years and a teacher of massage and therapies for 9.

Allow yourself to be cared for by someone who understands about massage and energy healing.

Thai Massage

A clothes-on massage, it is a body work that has the ability to stretch the most important muscle chains in the body, combining pressure, twists and hundreds of exercises that stimulate vital energy points and channels, developed to unlock stagnant energy and promote increased flexibility, mobility, and decreased stiffness and muscle contractions.

Classic Massage

Classic massage originates from the famous Swedish massage. It combines flowing movements, kneading and pressing all over your whole body. The goal is to leave the person totally relaxed. This therapy will improve circulation and flexibility, while relieving any tension your body may feel.


A method of natural healing based on the application of Universal Life Force Energy, the energy source of our life. It is one of the more widely known forms of energy healing, which involves direct application of Ki for the purpose of strengthening the person’s energy system (aura).

Mum-to-Be Massage

Starting from the 15th week of pregnancy, the technique applied during the massage consist on the combination of the most suitable one according to the needs of the pregnant woman. A combination of various techniques, using Thai Massage stretches, to prepare the body for the body changes; to Classic Massage, with warm oils and smooth movements; and Lymphatic drainage, to improve the lymph fluids, removing waste and toxins from the bodily tissues, this massage will bring relaxation, wellness and well-being to the mum-to-be!

Foot Reflexotherapy

It is based on the principle that on the feet there is a complete map of the human body, divided into reflex zones, which are mirror images of the organism. Each reflex zone corresponds to a part of the body. Specific manipulations and the application of pressure to these reflex points reduces and eliminates blockages that correspond to the glands and organs of the body, and then promotes balance in a healthy way.

Lymphatic drainage massage

It is a very gentle massage with the intention to encourage the movement of lymph fluids around the body. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues. Recommended for those who have fluid retention or have gone through plastic surgery.

Lomi Lomi massage

Also known as ‘loving hands massage’, Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian massage that uses a combination of techniques that imitates the stream of water. It works gently deep into the muscles with continuous and flowing strokes, allowing the body to experience the bliss of deep relaxation.

Price List

Home care or at LiLi Centre (in Luzern). Getting in touch to learn about the rates for your region.

Luzern (City)

60 min – 100 Fr.

90 min – 150 Fr.

Luzern (Kanton)

60 min – 110 Fr.

90 min – 160 Fr.

Zug (Kanton)

60 min – 120 Fr.

90 min – 170 Fr.



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