Baby & Child Massage

Online and Face-to-face course

The courses for Baby and Child Massage aims to promote and to create the massage culture and habit to parents and all people interested in learning about children’s response to bodywork.

Different from the well-known Shantala, a massage technique for infants originated in India that demands the use oil, the technique taught in this course follows the Thai massage concept and approach for babies and children, where there is no necessity of using oil to deliver massage.

Taking the idea that this technique is an oil free massage, it allows it to be applied in any situation of the day, regardless of the time or occasion, creating a daily routine and promoting a great bond between child and parents.

Infant massage is an excellent chain of love to unite the relationship between mom, dad and infant. It promotes the feeling of happiness and it encourages self-confidence, which helps the infant to interact and to get close to social environments.

Understanding the differences in the body-development of infants, the course is divided into two categories:

Baby Massage : for babies from one month to 2 years old.

Child Massage : for children from 2 to 12 years old.

Who is it for?

It is destined to moms, dads, massage therapists, physiotherapists, doulas, midwives and any public interested in knowing and connecting with bodywork for babies and children.



Take the online course at the comfort of your home.

Christmas Offer*: 75 CHF (until 31/12/2020)

* Normal price: 90 CHF


Platform: Hotmart

Instructor of the course

Barbara Santos

Massage therapist for over 10 years, Barbara has worked in several countries, including Australia, Brazil, Thailand and now, Switzerland. Since 2012, after attending training in Brazil, Thailand and India, she became a Thai massage, Yoga instructor and bodywork teacher. Through NIBBANA®, the idealization of her work and a reference in Thai massage training in Brazil, she delivers courses and trainings in several traditional therapies across the country.

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