Reiki Training Course

What is REIKI?

Reiki is a natural method of healing based on the application of Universal Energy Force. It was discovered and developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui, a Japanese who was, in addition to many things, a Buddhist monk of Japanese lineage.

Reiki is a word in Japanese, which generically translated into English means Universal Energy:

“REI” – Universal | “KI” – Energy

It is one of the best known energy healing methods. This energetic healing involves the direct application of KI (energy) with the intention of strengthening a person’s energy system (Aurea). It is a very gentle technique and is often referred to as unconditional love energy.

Although modern science is seeking to find answers to the various benefits that Reiki provides, among the main results for those who receive therapy is undoubtedly the feeling of peace and tranquility. It impacts positively on mental and physical health, such as: physical pain relief, stress relief, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and many other problems … being even beneficial for intense health treatments like cancer.

Many who receive Reiki are so positively affected that they start looking for more knowledge, or even receive Reiki initiation for self-application. Reiki is a neutral healing technique, and does not require the practitioner or recipient to believe in any belief or religion. It means Universal Energy of Life. It is the source energy of our life.

To whom is it destined to?

Reiki is the energy of universal love, there are no prerequisites. It is intended for any individual who feels an interest in receiving and transmitting universal healing energy.

About the Training Course

The training course in Reiki given by Bárbara Santos, an accredited Reiki Master,  follows the traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho lineage, which has been transmitted since its origin – Sensei Mikao Usui.

Reiki is transmitted in 3 degrees, being:


The first level takes approximately 12 hours.

It teaches the Traditional Usui Reiki System in practical and theoretical terms. Through 4 initiations (ceremonial acts), the reopening and purification of the student’s subtle channels is promoted, making him/her able to transmit through his/her hands, the healing energy to him/herself and also to others.

To take level 2, it is necessary to wait a minimum of three months.

Investment: CHF 340


The second level takes approximately 12 hours.

Level 2 Reiki is for those who want to deepen into the Universal Energy of Life. The student will learn to use the secret and sacred symbols of Dr. Usui, being able, after his/her initiation (ceremonial act), to send this powerful energy without limit of distance or time, to people or situations. In addition, you can get in touch with the subconscious, with the mental. This knowledge awakens a feeling of deep union with the cosmos.

To take level 3-A, it is necessary to wait a minimum of six months.

Investment: CHF 340


The third level (A) takes approximately 12 hours.

Reiki 3-A, also known as Advanced Reiki or the Inner Master Level, is intended for those who want to go even deeper into the Universal Energy of Life. The student receives and learns to use the 4th sacred symbol of the Usui System (the symbol of the inner master). Potentializing in this way the symbols learned in Reiki 2. In addition, energetic surgery, a healing technique used by Kahunas, will be practiced. The course is available to Reiki practitioners who are prepared to expand their potential for work, fulfillment and personal growth, without yet being ready to teach the System or who do not want to follow the Reiki Master path.

Investment: CHF 520


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