Thai Foot Reflexology Course

About the Training Course

The Thai Foot Reflexology course is an intensive course lasting 12 hours. It follows the same teaching standards as the Thai school ITM School, which enables the International Certification issued by this school, recognized by the Ministry of Education in Thailand and also in several countries around the world.

As the teacher has lived over 5 years in Thailand and became a scholar in Thai tradition, besides of learning the technique, students will also be able to learn and to connect more with Thai culture and its tradition. An immersion that will bring Thailand closer to the professional who wants to work with Thai therapies.

To whom is it destined to?

There are no prerequisites, it is aimed to those who are interested in bodywork practices, massage therapists, Yoga practitioners or simply to people who appreciate touch as a form of relaxation and well-being.


It is an intensive course, so it is essential that the student is present every day of class. The absence for any reason will imply the need to replace the class, which is charged separately.

– Teaching is based on “hands-on technique”, that is, learning by practicing, which leads to rapid assimilation of the technique.

– Massage movements on the feet and legs that induce a healthy and natural balance of the body.

– Teaching and working at the reflection points on the feet, which correspond to the organs and systems of the body.

– Learning is geared towards the Thai style, which includes the use of the reflexology stick.


12 hours. Which is programed and divided according to the size of the class.

Brief explanation about Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is much more than a foot massage; it is a highly effective natural treatment of many health issues. A foot massage promotes relaxation, but has no long-term effects; However, foot reflexology promotes balance and well-being with a long and lasting impact.

It is based on the principle that on the feet there is the complete map of the human body, divided into reflex zones, which are mirror images of the organism. Each reflex zone corresponds to a part of the body. Specific manipulations and the application of pressure to these reflex points reduces and eliminates blockages that correspond to the glands and organs of the body, and then promotes balance in a healthy way.


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