Thai Massage Training Course

About the Training Course

The traditional Thai Massage training course follows the same standards as Thai schools, making the student feel transported to Thailand. The experience is the same practiced in ITM School – Thailand, which makes possible International Certification issued by this school – which is recognized by the Ministry of Education in Thailand as well as in several countries around the world.

To assist the learning process during the course, as well as maintaining and memorizing the Thai massage movements. it is provided to the students a series of videos available on YouTube.

As the teacher has lived over 5 years in Thailand and became a scholar in Thai tradition, besides of learning Thai massage techniques, the student will also be able to learn and to connect more with Thai culture and its tradition. An immersion that will bring Thailand closer to the professional who wants to work with Thai Massage.

To whom is it destined to?

There are no prerequisites, it is aimed to those who are interested in bodywork practices, massage therapists, Yoga practitioners or simply to people who appreciate touch as a form of relaxation and well-being.


The training course comprises Levels I and II of the ITM School format (60h):

– Introduction to the concept of meridians, energy lines (Sen).

– Practical aspects of Thai Massage such as stretching, pressure, Thai acupuncture points, proper use of body weight, techniques that use hands, thumbs, elbows and feet.

– Additional emphasis on deep abdominal work.

– How to set up and create your own Thai Massage session.

– After completing the course, students will have a solid base of TTM movements and will be able to create their own massage sequences according to the needs of each person.


60 hours. Which is programed and divided according to the size of the class.

Brief explanation about Thai Massage

Nuad Thai, traditional Thai massage, is regarded as part of the art and science of traditional Thai healthcare. As a non-medicinal remedy and manual therapy, it involves bodily manipulation to help rebalance the patient’s body, energy and structure to treat illnesses believed to be caused by the obstruction of energy flow along ‘sen’, lines crisscrossing the human body. Nuad Thai has its roots in self-care in Thai peasant society of the past; over time, these experiences have been passed down over the generations, evolving into a formal system of knowledge.

It is National Heritage, promulgated in 1999 by King Bhumibhol Adulyadej (Rama IX), and recently, in 12th December 2019, was recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Thai Massage demonstration by Khru Barbara Santos


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